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Good looking chandeliers

Is it just me that really loves crystal chandeliers? I can just stand and watch them if I had the time to do that. I don't own a chandelier though. But my grandparents do. So I really enjoy looking at it while I'm visiting them. But I'm actually thinking of getting me a chandelier from a company called krebs. They've got some really nice looking chandeliers actually. So I'm going to look for a chandelier that's not that expensive. I can't afford to much. But I think I'll find a good one. 

an unexpected meeting

Totally unexpected I have to go to a meeting of the Dutch school tomorrow. It is a board meeting and we have to make some decisions regarding to the future. The school is growing and we have 5 teachers and we have to make sure that they want to stay with us. Without those Dutch teachers the school we will have 50 children who want to develop besides the Swedish language also the Dutch language. Did you know that is very good for the brains if children learn to speak 2 or more languages? But tomorrow we have to discuss ...

Moving the office

Last week we moved our office to a new location. It is a nice new office building on the other side of town. This is very convenient for me, because I do live on that side of town. Of course did we hire a moving company to move all our furniture and other hardware. But in the new location we had to do the last part ourself. I have a nice new big room. But I have enjoyed it much since we moved in. This is because I at home at the moment. I did overstretched my shoulder joint when ...